Centre Dentaire Ferney Voltaire
26 Avenue Voltaire, 01210 Ferney-Voltaire
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Dental treatments and surgery

We provide the following dental treatments and surgeries :

Fillings and composites.
Root canal treatments.
Curettage (periodontology).
Bone augmentation (for implantology, when needed).
Sinus lift.

Periodontology (the treatment of gums)

Periodontology is the study and treatment of the periodontium either of the bone surrounding the tooth or the gums. The most common disease in these structures is periodontitis, also known as "periodontal disease". This disease is an inflammation of the periodontium which can, in the worst cases, lead to tooth loss.

Periodontitis is caused by the presence of bacteria on the surface of the teeth which has reached the gums or even to the roots of the teeth. This bacteria causes local inflammation in the neighboring structures. Untreated, these inflammatory reactions can lead to the loss of bone tissue supporting the teeth.

Gingivitis is the precursor to periodontitis. Gingivitis is curable, our dentist will give your teeth a full professional cleaning or an open or closed curetage. If it is left untreated, chronic periodontitis may progressively develop.
Consequences of periodontitis

Untreated periodontitis is the cause of death in adulthood. The whole periodontium is attacked and damaged by this aggressive bacteria. Therefore, the gums lose their strength and this bacteria irretrievably damages the roots of the tooth and "eat away" at the bone. As a result, the presentation of the teeth can lead to their loss, usually accompanied by widespread signs of inflammation of the gums.

Lots of people are unaware that the periodontal disease is not limited to the mouth cavity, but can affect the body. When released into the bloodstream, the bacteria present in the mouth can be the main risk factor in coronary diseases and also increases the risk of strokes.

How do you spot periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a particularly "insidious" disease, which is not present any clear symptoms. In particular, the early warning signs are: 

  • Redness, swelling and increased gum sensitivity
  • A tendency for the gums to bleed, particularly when brushing the teeth
  • Receding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Teeth which are very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures
If you become aware of the first signs of periodontitis, make an appointment now by calling the Ferney Voltaire Dental Centre - we are here to help.

If you are in France or Switzerland, please phone to book an appointment.

04 44 89 00 17
022 501 77 90


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Invisalign aligners

Competitive prices

A happy customer of dental centre in Ferney Voltaire

Inexpensive orthodontics at Ferney Voltaire. Invisalign invisible gutters

Invisalign Orthodontics, the invisible alternative to metal devices for adults and adolescents.

Megagen or Straumann

Competitive prices

Smiling woman after Dental implants from dental centre in Ferney Voltaire

Dental implants fitted by our dental surgeons in Ferney Voltaire

Dental implants, the most advanced solution for replacing a lost tooth.

Zirconia or Emax crowns

Competitive prices

laughing man after a successful crown treatment from dental centre in Ferney Voltaire

Dental crowns at 26 Avenue Voltaire

Dental crowns completely cover the tooth to repair one or several damaged teeth.

smiling girl after successful Dental veneers

Dental veneers at 26 Avenue Voltaire, 01210 Ferney Voltaire

Dental veneers, to correct the shape and colour of natural teeth.

Group of people smiling after a complete treatment from Dental Centre in Ferney Voltaire.

Dental care and dentists in Ferney in neighbouring France

Dental care, periodontology and endodontology, a healthy mouth for healthy teeth.

contact us image of Dental Centre in Ferney Voltaire.

Contact us by e-mail, telephone or by post at 26 Avenue Voltaire

Contact us: our dentists in Ferney Voltaire are waiting for you - book an appointment

Ferney Voltaire Dental Centre
Who are we?

After many years of experience in the management of quality dental clinics, our team decided to set up a dental center accredited by the social security, just a stone’s throw away from Geneva. Together under one roof in Ferney Voltaire, we carry out the full range of modern dentistry treatments at affordable prices. Highly qualified dentists using state of the art technology, working together in a relaxed atmosphere allow us to offer you very high-quality dental care at honest, appropriate prices in the heart of the Gex region, in neighbouring France.

If you are in France or Switzerland, please phone to make an appointment.

04 44 89 00 17
022 501 77 90

Book an appointment online (you must have a Swiss or French mobile phone number for confirmation)


Want to know a little more on periodontal disease?

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue. It needs to be treated else, your will either loose teeth or your teeth will loosen.

The various factors favoring periodontitis are:

  • Smoking - the risk of periodontitis is four to six times higher than for non-smokers
  • Stress, obesity, unhealthy diet
  • Hormonal imbalances, diseases such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Malfunctions of the masticatory system, such as nocturnal bruxism
  • Pregnancy - hormonal change releases connective tissue, gums swell, and bacteria can eventually penetrate more easily and reach the roots of the teeth.

The best treatment is to follow a program of good oral hygiene, and to have your teeth checked every 6 months to 1 year maximum.

Your doctor will clean and remove the bacteria under local anesthesia, The root surfaces under the gumline are cleaned.

In severe and aggressive cases, supportive antibiotic therapy may be helpful.

Surgical treatment is necessary for periodontal pockets under the teeth, in case of failure of the basic treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease, our dentists also use regeneration methods. In addition to the introduction of bone substitute materials in case of significant bone loss.

If you have any other questions about periodontitis, we will be happy to discuss them in our practice. Do not hesitate to contact us or come directly to our Dental Center in Ferney Voltaire for a consultation with our specialised dentists.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, from 09.00 am to 07.00 pm (closed for lunch from 1.30 to 2.30 pm)

Ferney Voltaire Dental Center 
26 Avenue Voltaire
01210 Ferney-Voltaire 

From France call us on 04 44 89 00 17

From Switzerland dial   022 501 77 90

If you are in France or Switzerland, please phone to make an appointment.

04 44 89 00 17
022 501 77 90

Book an appointment online (you must have a Swiss or French mobile phone number for confirmation)